OŚRODEK MYŚLI POLITYCZNEJ z Krakowa jest wiodącym polskim konserwatywnym think-tankiem, zajmującym się działalnością analityczną, edukacyjną i wydawniczą z zakresu filozofii politycznej, historii najnowszej oraz stosunków międzynarodowych

OŚRODEK MYŚLI POLITYCZNEJ (CENTER FOR POLITICAL THOUGHT) in Krakow is the leading Polish conservative think-tank involved in analytical, educational and publishing activity connected with political philosophy, the newest history and international relations. The OMP’s experts  – Polish leading political scientists, sociologists, lawyers, philosophers as well as the foreign scholars and feature writers cooperating with the Center – take part in the public debate concerning Polish policy and the main dilemmas of European policy and transatlantic relations. Their analyses, articles and books are devoted to these issues. Since 1992  – through publications, conferences, as well as the academic and didactic activity – the CENTER FOR POLITICAL THOUGHT has propagated the principles of practicing politics which promote the respect for personal freedom, for religion and for Polish cultural tradition. Since then it has organized several dozen scientific conferences, expert seminars, public debates and educational ventures. It has published more than 150 books in such series as Biblioteka Myśli Politycznej [Library of Political Thought], Kanon Współczesnej Filozofii [Contemporary Philosophical Canon], Biblioteka Klasyki Polskiej Myśli Politycznej [Library of Polish Political Thought Classics], Studia i analizy [Studies and Analyses], Z archiwów bezpieki, [Secret Service Archives], Nieznane karty PRL [Unknown History of the People’s Republic of Poland], Polskie Tradycje Intelektualne [Polish Intellectual Traditions] and Klasyka Myśli Filozoficznej [Classics of Political Thought].


Board of Directors:

Prof. Miłowit Kuniński – President

Dr. Jacek Kloczkowski – Vice-President

Dr. Filip Musiał - Member of the Board

Prof. Czesław Porębski - Member of the Board

Prof. Arkady Rzegocki - Member of the Board


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Mailing address:

Ośrodek Myśli Politycznej [Center for Political Thought]

P.O. Box 322, 30-960 Kraków



Our objectives and principles


The Centre for Political Thought in Krakow, Poland is an independent think-tank promoting individual freedom and responsibility, the free market, liberal democracy, the rule of law, and the idea of a limited state. We believe that tradition and religion play an important role in shaping moral agents and citizens. We are convinced that people may improve morally within communities but, because of their lower instincts are not able to achieve moral perfection without assistance; therefore, these instincts should be mitigated by customary rules and if necessary by law. We believe that societies are based on complex systems of values which are basically consistent. It is our view that pluralism of values is not conducive to their objective incommensurability. We believe democracy to be based on pre-democratic values and rules which may not be democratically changed. We do not think that a contract constitutes the foundation of a society and of the relations between citizens and the state, although it plays an important role in some of these relations. We are convinced that a free market is necessary for human welfare and individual freedom and responsibility, but we do not think that all aspects of life may be based on free market rules. We believe that law is not the will of the people or of the political power because there are general norms of natural law which legal statutes must comply with.